Taking it to the Max(i) Dress! – SJ Day 7&8

A few years ago when the maxi dress was the latest trend I was reticent. It was a departure from the dress styles I was used to and I just wasn’t sure if it was for me. I also didn’t know if they were long enough for me. At over 6 ft. in heels (5′ 11 in flip flops) I’m used to everything running a little short on me . I shudder when I think of those highwater jeans I wore in Jr. High! I didn’t want to try out the maxi dress fad and find them hitting me mid calf or at an awkward point above the ankle. So I hung back and let everyone else go maxi.

Flash forward a couple years and I finally try out the maxi. (I’m always a bit late on trends) Guess what? I love them! They are so comfortable!! And I’ve found a few that aren’t too short on me. Here are my two favorites that I just happened to  wear back to back. (It’s not because I need to shave or anything…)  😉


Day 7 Greek goddess
I love this flowy olive dress with gorgeous gold and bronze beading! It pairs great with my brown gladiator sandals.


Day 8 Supermom!
This is one of my favorite dresses of all time. So comfortable and with a fun, edgy splatter print. These days I feel like Supermom when I’m working, breastfeeding/pumping, going to class, cleaning, cooking and spending time with my Hubby. It’s exhausting, fulfilling work!

So what do you think of the maxi dress? Did you wear them when they first started? Are they still “in?” Or am I behind again?


Weekend Wear- SJ Day 5&6


Fun, busy weekend! On Saturday there were several garage sales in my neighborhood, so I loaded up the baby in the stroller, put the dog on a leash and went shopping. I got some great deals including the black skirt in my photo from Saturday (on right) and some other items you’ll see on the blog sometime soon.

On to the outfits! While I love the new skirt, I paired it with a hot pink maternity tee that, while comfortable, doesn’t look so flattering in my photo. Looks like I need to do some more mixing and matching with this skirt and find out what works with it. On the fun side, I wore it out on my first baby-free date to see The Avengers.

On Sunday I put together this fun combination with two items I bought in college but never wore together. This combo worked great and I can totally see wearing it again!

Day 5: Skirt- garage sale $1, Top- Target maternity, Necklace -Forever 21, Earrings- vintage clip ons from Katelyn Dean.

Day 6: Skirt- college thrift store find, Top- Dots Fashion Exchange circa 2007, Jacket- American Eagle bought at Clothesline during last DADIM, Purse- cute garage sale find from Saturday.

Free flowing posh frock- SJ Day 3


Today we had the dedication of a new aerospace center at the college I work for, TSTC. This intricate mosaic hangs in the lobby as a reminder of our campus’ Air Force days. No one knows the history behind the mosaic, but it certainly made a great backdrop for my DADIM photo today.

I went dressy for the dedication (which was held in conjunction with our board meeting) in this flouncy maxi dress. I got it pre-pregnancy for $7 at Goodwill as I recall. I love it!! The shoes are the most comfortable black wedges I’ve ever worn and consequently I’m close to wearing them flat out!

Who knows what I’ll wear tomorrow from my closet of wrong sized clothes. It’s a mystery even to me.

Stay dressy!

New Mom Gets Dressy- SJ Day 1&2

New Mom Gets Dressy- SJ Day 1&2

So since last May a lot has happened. The most major, life changing event was the birth of my beautiful baby girl, Evelyn “Evie” Marie Menefee–7 weeks old today! Because of pregnancy and well, life, I’m now sporting a good extra 40 pounds that make dressing up a bit more of a challenge. Here’s my Day 2 dress, a stretchy T-shirt material number by Croft & Barrow. I bought it at a recent garage sale for $1. Not bad! My apologies for not getting a photo of Day 1. I’ll wear that dress again, so no worries there.

Dressy to the end –SJ Day 28-31

At the end of the month I attended a conference in Austin so I took dress-a-day on the road. It was actually easier to pack all dresses for the trip so I extended my dress wearing through June 1. Above are my daily shots from the trip.

Thanks for a fun ride through May everyone. See you next year?

Back in blue –SJ Day 27

Day 27
Well ladies, four more dressy days ahead of us before the beginning of June! Any big plans for Memorial Day weekend? I’m headed to Austin for a conference so the rest of my dress-a-day posts will be from there.

Today’s dress is a repeat from Day 10 with a new belt I bought at Clothesline. Thanks to Robin for snapping my picture on this lovely, sunny, very windy Friday.

Hope all your weekends are fantastic and dressy…


Studio shot! –SJ Day 25

Spent the whole day in the studio working on the latest round of TSTC commercials and stopped by to get my picture taken with our fabulous photographers.

You may recognize this dress from Day 1 when an unexpected cold front came into town. Today was the complete opposite! It was very warm in the studios due to some equipment failure in the building so I didn’t wear the pashmina for most of the day.

Dress: Thrifted   Pashmina: World Market  Jewelry: Gifts