MB’s Days 15 and 16

Today was an exciting day! The fancy graduation I went to the day before was for my boyfriend Nate’s sister Caitlin. This semester her internship was at the Four Seasons in Austin, so we all went there for a celebratory brunch and it was DELICIOUS! Every kind of wonderful thing you could imagine. After we ate Nate went down to the walking trails with me to snap my pic. We also took some with Katie at the giant St. Edwards doors! So pretty!

Dress: J. Crew Belt: Target Shoes: Giani Bini

Today I went with yet another navy blue combo, but paired this dress with the gray version of my beloved footless tights. It was a hectic day at work, but being comfy really made it bearable. I was also totally fine switching to happy hour after work and didn’t feel like I was too dressy or anything. I had happy hour drink with two fellow dress-a-dayers Katie and Caryn!

Dress: Old Navy, thrifted Cami: Target Tights: Urban Outfitters Jacket: American Eagle Shoes: J. Crew

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MB’s Days 11, 12, 13 and 14

SO sorry I have been late posting guys! Life has been busy and I have been tired, bad combination.

Day 11–>

Skirt: LOFT, thrifted Shirt: Fossil, thrifted Cardi: Target Shoes: TOMS

Day 12–>

On this day I had my new intern Kate take my picture with the Collections Mascot, Colonel Sassafrass Roop, who is modeled after our favorite dude Brad. I’m the best boss ever.
Dress: unknown, thrifted Jacket: American Eagle Cardi: Target Shoes: Minnetonka

Day –>

Uggggggghhhhh…this was Robin’s (on my left) last day with us at the DPM. So sad!!! We will miss her so much!
Dress: Target Cardi: Target Shoes: TOMS

Day –>

Dress: LOFT Cardi: Banana Republic Shoes: Rainbows
Honesty: I had a fancy graduation to go to this morning, so I ended up wearing a fancy work outfit with pants. Sorry! I wore this awesome denim maxi dress to dinner, but I am totes in my PJs now.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

MB’s Day 8

For Mother’s Day I went with this cotton double layer dress from Target, which is one of my weekend staples.  I’m 5’10” so after the first wash this dress was too short to wear to work, so it is for lazy Sundays now.  It is also a little see through, and the way I counter that is by basically wearing a black body suit underneath by pairing a black cami and black footless tights.  Black may seem like an odd combo under white, but the black masks things like panty lines and makes everything smooth and trim.  Now you know the secret of pretty much my entire dress wardrobe lol.

Dress: Target  Cami: Target  Tights: Urban Outfitters  Shoes: Minnetonka

MB’s Days 6 & 7

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but it was another day of icky icky grungies and manual labor. I went home and took a shower before heading to Heights for the weekend and I decided to wear this maxi dress so I could be comfy on the drive. No makeup, no jewelry, no nothin!

Dress: Target Shoes: Rainbows Cami: Target

Today I spent all day washing my car and being sweaty, so when it was all done I put in the time and shaved my legs and put makeup on and did my hair! Yay! Here is an outtake and a for real shot for ya:)



Dress: Forever 21, thrifted Shoes: Rainbows

MB’s Day 5

Well, folks, I did finally get to wear a dress today, but I was so tired and icky, so it wasn’t anything special.  I am SO happy to be home after three days away, and I celebrated by buying a few more dresses at Amelia’s!  They are making a little appearance in my pictures.  While I was out, Katie and I went to JC Penny’s and bought some granny muumuu nightgowns, so as I type this I’m wearing a fun new bedtime dress too:)

Dress: Target  Cardi: Anthropologie  Tights: Urban Outfitters  Shoes: Rainbows

MB’s Day 4

Update: sorry for the giant pics. I’m posting from my iPad and am having editing issues…

Confession: I didn’t put this outfit on until dinner time. This problem goes hand in hand with the fact that I didn’t take a shower until dinner, soooooo yeah. Yuck. BUT I got a ton of work done today, so not a bad day. I’m loving seeing everyone’s posts! Such cute dresses. I feel inspired since the outfits I’ve worn have all pretty much been things I wear all the time anyway, so I am excited to mix it up now that the weather is back to normal. Another confession: I will be wearing grungies all day tomorrow since it will be a day of manual labor and hauling crap back to Waco. Hopefully I’ll get to wear a dress when I get home, but I am afraid it might be a whole day of yucky pants:(



Dress: GAP Jacket: American Eagle Ballet flats: Land’s End

MB’s Day 3

Today and tomorrow I am in Dallas for work, which is always the best time to wear comfy dresses! Look fancy and still be flexible enough to sort through all sorts of Dr Pepper things. This trapeze dress is one of my absolute favorites, but the straps and neck are kind of weird by themselves and give the whole thing a very muumuu look, so I pretty much always pair it with this jean jacket. It brings the dress in and just the right place and makes it all gathered looking. And of course I’m wearing tights and THE gray scarf to fight off the last little bit of chill today had.


Dress: Old Navy Jacket: American Eagle Scarf: handmade Ballet flats: Land’s End