Katie’s Day 5

Ole, Ole! Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Silly French, why did you think invading Mexico was a good idea? They just wanted to talk it out. 

In other news… Today was a day. Probably the most exicting thing that happened was that Mary Beth came home from Dallas! We did some shopping and checked out a new yogurt place, Oso’s.  It’s so San Fran. It was incredible to see Downtown Waco alive and kicking. Way to go city planners!

Okay, down to business..

Top to toe: Jacket: Fossil, thrifted Shirt: Loft, swapped with Joy Skirt: American Apparel, thrifted Shoes: Target


Katie’s Day 4

Day four was filled with progress. I’m totally caught up with e-mails and phone calls. Some things that are up in the air at work are starting to come together, too.  Shocking, I know.  I’ve decided I’m going to bask in it’s glory because I know it is quite fleeting.

I also rearranged the furniture in my office today.  My parents moved the furniture around in our house a lot growing up.  I suppose it’s fair to say that I come by it honestly.

I love this dress. It’s the first time I’ve worn it, actually.  I got it in a clothes swap from my (now pregnant) friend Joy.  I totally pays to have friends to share clothes with.  We’ve got a pretty good system worked out when she’s not growing a child in her body.  We swap and then swap back – making old things seem new again.  Ah.

Top to toe – Cardigan: Loft Dress: Loft (swapped with Joy) Shoes: Antonio Melani (fancy, I know)

Confession: Tonight I was doing some wash and thought “Oh, I want to wear those grey pants tomorrow.” SHAME ON ME!

Katie’s Day 3

Free of stringent social restrictions, day 3 is an outfit that I LOVE.  Comfy but put together, neutral but distinct.  Here is day 3, the perfect outfit for paperwork, planning, and loving.

Top to toe – Shirt: Loft Skirt: Target Leggings: Target Boots: Macy’s

Katie’s Day 2

I actually didn’t wear a dress for most of day 2. Sorry! It was very cold, which usually doesn’t keep me from dresses. Because of something at work, I had to look super sharp and professional. Unfortunately, my usual cold combatants (colored tights and knee high boots) aren’t super sharp and professional. I didn’t take a picture because A. you don’t care about my pants and B. I was a running around like crazy mess. In the evening, I had dinner with a friend from grad school and sent to 3spoons. This was my outfit for the occation. From head to toe – Long sleeve tee: Loft Dress: Target Jacket: J. Crew Leggings: Target Boots: Lands End

What’s that tacky tacky sheet doing up over your door, Katie? SO glad you asked!
The Zoo has some new foster doggies! Mama and 6 new born puppies!  Mama looks like a shepard mix and the puppies are a variety of colors.  Some look like their mama, some are all black and some are all white.  They are so sweet! They are all available for adoption through the Waco Humane Society.  Mama dog is at left.  She doesn’t have a name except for “You’re such a good Mama!” which is very true!  She takes care of her babies and makes sure they’re clean and have enough to eat, but she also lets us help her out a little.  She is also so very desperate for attention.  Even with all her puppies she still wags her tail and is excited to see us when we come to see her.  She LOVES belly rubs, too!  The babies are too tiny and squirmy to take pictures of yet. Their eyes aren’t even open.  I’ll put some up as soon as they’re bigger.

I hope you are having a lovely day 3!

Until tomorrow,


Katie’s Day 1

Hey, friends!  I’m so happy you’re reading about our journey through the merry month of May!

A little about me:  I’m Katie.  I’m a social worker, a year out of grad school, employed by a large non-profit serving children and families – a hopelessly hopeful, absent minded, beg for forgiveness kind of young professional. I live with three other lovely ladies (including Mary Beth who’s also risen to the dress a day challenge) in a giant old house.  Also in our giant old house, affectionately referred to as “the Zoo”, are two cats and three dogs.  Personally, I only own one dog, Evie, but it’s kind of a group effort.  I’m a busy body and always have been.  I love to Zumba and run with aforementioned pooch and counterproductively go to 3spoons.  I’m kind of an old soul on an unrelenting quest to save junky antiques from whatever they need saving from.  I also enjoy portraiture, social media, diet coke and yoga pants.

Here’s day 1!

I didn’t get around to wearing a skirt/dress for a while today. After a lovely walk with Caryn and an attempt to take a dip in her pool, I ended up with this outfit.  Definitely more for comfort and function than style, but it’s what I wore none the less.  One of my favorite jersey skirts, two comfy tank tops and some fresh out of the box Keds! Perfect for cuttin’ a rug!