Arms… Aren’t… Long… Enough… Katie Day 3

When I thought about taking a picture of my outfit today (right before I changed for Zumba), there wasn’t anyone around. Here is my feeble attempt of taking a picture of my own outfit:


rings. james avery. necklace. summer ellis. skirt. american apparel – thrifted. tank. mossimo. lovely heather grey drapey thing. converse one star. shoes. jessica (we have the same birthday) simpson.

Bon soir!



Back in the Saddle – Katie’s Day 1 and 2

It’s so hard to believe it’s already been a year since the first dress a day in May! Forgive me for already being behind on blogging, I promise it’ll be worth it!


See. Told ya! Here are MB and I roller skating. So fashionable! And it’s only day 1!

dress. old navy. tights. who knows. skates. skate world, waco

Today was extra excellent because….


I went to the dentist! Look at those choppers!

Okay, fine. I’ll tell you what I wore. Here’s a quick pic I snapped before going to Zumba. Sorry… I didn’t have time to put my hair dryer away or clean the hairspray off the mirror.


dress. loft. cardigan. gap. shoes. toms ballet flats!

Till tomorrow, universe! Ta ta!

Katie’s Day 17

“How close is this to my pajamas?”  I ask my self this most every morning.  This black dress is what I wear when I really want to be in my pajamas.

Cardigan: Mossimo Dress:Mossimo Tank top: Merona Leggings: Circo Shoes: Born Brace: Scott & White Healthcare Tendinitis: Twitter

Many thanks to Kristin for a. taking my picture and b. letting me interrupt her class. 🙂

Katie’s Day 16

Here’s day 16 with fellow dress a day-ers Mary Beth and Caryn!

Cardigan: Loft Shirt: Loft, swapped with Joy Skirt:  Boden, swapped with Joy Shoes: Merona

Katie’s Day 11

I’ve never worn this outfit together before. In fact, it’s quite bright for me.  I’ve finally come to the end of dress/skirt/sweater combos that I usually wear.  Here is day 11, with special guest appearance from Evie.

Cardigan: Loft, thrifted Cami: Old Navy Ruffle tank: Loft Skirt: Gap, thrifted Shoes: Target Doggie: Rescued

Katie’s Day 8

Such a glorious day! A trip to Goodwill where I snagged some dresses that will make an appearance soon, laying by the pool all day with Caryn and a lovely evening at the Waco Swing Dance Society.

Tonight we were learning the peck step, pictured below with my dress for day 8.

Cami: Old Navy Dress: Target Leggings: Target Shoes: Keds

Katie’s Day 6

Friday! Such a beautiful word!

Here’s another dress that I swapped with Joy. I remember loving it in the store but leaving it there because it wasn’t on sale enough. I love that it’s in my life now.  It’s a cute little navy number. Notice the tie around the waist. You may not be able to tell that it has a ruffle at the neck and the whole thing is swiss dot. Pretty much everything I want in a dress.

Dress: Loft, swapped with Joy Cami: Target Shoes: Toms