Jessica’s Day 6 and 7

Day 6 and 7 were big challenges for me. Both days involved traveling and outdoor activities. Dresses are very comfortable and I have traveled in them voluntarily, but I don’t think I have ever gotten ready for a day in the sun and put on a dress. For day 6 I took a white dress and dyed it green to make it more fun and wearable (let’s face it, I would spill coffee on a white dress within twenty minutes). I wore it all day and it was very comfortable. The cotton material breathed easily as I walked around the Dallas Arboretum.

Day 6

For Day 7 I wanted something more casual because I was headed to an outdoor festival in Shiner, TX, the place where they make the beer with the same name. I opted for a khaki skirt and a T-Shirt. This outfit was cool enough for a day spent outside but it was certainly a challenge to sit on a blanket gracefully. Luckily, I don’t think I flashed anyone. 🙂

Day 7


Jessica’s Day 5

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone. I don’t think my outfit for today is nearly festive (or fiesta) enough. Maybe some of the other ladies have a traditional Mexican dancing dress they wore today. For me, it was this polka dot skirt (I told you I love polka dots) and a solid green shirt. I thought the necklace looked like polka dots too, so I added it to give color.

Jessica’s Day 3

Today’s pick came from a local thrift store. I had to take it in quite a bit on the sides to make it fit but that is an easy fix. I added the white belt, which I already had in my closet, to help it fit better too. I totally felt like I needed a big hat a la Julia Roberts at the races in Pretty Woman. Maybe I will pick one of those up for the rest of the month; for today I settled on pink heels.

Jessica’s Day 2

I didn’t get a picture of my dress for May 1st, but rest assured, I was wearing one. It will probably get re-used this month; if so, I will point it out.

As for today, I busted out a sweater, wool skirt and tights, but it was still not warm enough. That’s okay though because I already got comments at work. People noticed that I was “dressed up” so I took the opportunity to fill them in on our quest for dresses. Maybe they will join us.