Jessica’s Day 20

I bought this dress before I even knew about this challenge. It called to me because it is one of the few summer dresses that is full length which is unique. I also love the pink and white color. I paired it with a white cardigan I got for a dollar at Walmart last night (not shown). The length of the dress actually made it plenty warm and comfortable since I didn’t have to worry about showing too much leg (or shaving them for that matter).



Jessica’s Day 19

I have so many skirts, I could actually go the rest of this month and not repeat anything if I just wore all of my skirts. The fun part about skirts is they are cooler in the summers but the hard part is finding shirts to match them (a problem dresses don’t have). Today’s skirt has a few different color polka dots on it, so finding a matching shirt was easier.

Jessica’s Day 18

Early this morning, the local news did a spot on our fun little May challenge which was super exciting for me to see (at a more reasonable hour of course). Since I knew there was going to be media buzz (I might be exaggerating the press coverage a tad here), I took the opportunity to pull out a new dress I got on sale this weekend. The bright purple color is beautiful on its own but I wanted to add more spring touches, so I wore teal peep-toe wedges and a pink cardigan.

To keep the spring accent going throughout the day even when the temperature warmed up, I wore a floral broach as well. That way, whether hot or cold, I would have a touch of pink to go along with the purple dress.

I think the pink touches and the teal shoes made the outfit more lively and fun. Due to the cut of the dress, I had to wear a black tank under neath it, and black shoes and black jacket could make this a more downplayed look. But since we are famous local celebrities (again, possible exaggeration), I like the more eye-catching result of the bright color combination.

Jessica’s Day 17

After several days of solid color dresses, I was in the mood for some print. I paired a new floral shirt with a very long loved black skirt. The skirt reminds me of a salsa dancer because it has a slit right around the knee and it has a lot of movement. To match the more festive vibe of the skirt, I wore very strappy, almost non-existent heels.

Jessica’s Week

I had to find a balance between fun and business attire this week because it was an important week. Normally, I think of business dresses as just black dress suits a la Hillary Clinton. I didn’t have any of those, otherwise I probably would have worn them, so I had to find what worked from my closet. For Day 11, I took the┬áburgundy dress I had already worn and added a blazer.

Day 11

For Day 12, I opted for a new skirt and a solid color top. The long sleeves are pretty much necessary since I get cold and our building is usually pretty chilly.

Day 12

For Friday the 13th (ominous music plays), I had to visit another office which was even more dressy than mine. I did another skirt/long sleeve combo in black and teal. I am starting to notice I have a lot of teal.

Day 13

Finally, the week was over and I was at complete liberty to just be comfy and hang out in a pretty dress. The weather was so nice; I knew I would end up outside. I grabbed a pretty, purple dress (it actually used to be white, but I dyed it before wearing it) . It was still a little cool, especially with the wind, so I borrowed a shirt from Mom to act as a jacket. It was a very comfy outfit.

I'm free from business attire! Day 14

Jessica’s Day 10

Work started back with a vengeance this week for me. I had to be up early, work all day, and prep 150 new students for a semester with me. On top of all of that, I wanted to look pulled together and professional, which is no easy feat for me in the mornings. I had a few dresses that were not alteration candidates that I decided to wear for this hectic first week. This one I grabbed on clearance at Khols even before I knew we would be doing this challenge. The top is a dark teal color (I LOVE teal) and the bottom is black. There are little rosettes along the neckline. I paired it with some closed toe, felt, black shoes.

I have some teal and black flats that will go great with this as well and for a more casual occasion I might go for the full matchy-matchy look. Maybe that will happen in the next 20 days or so . . . stay tuned.

Jessica’s Day 8

On Mother’s Day I was out to eat with the family and I saw my friend, co-worker, and fellow dress-a-day-in-May wearer SJ. I stopped her to say hi and took the opportunity to snag my daily ┬ádress pic.

I’m wearing a skirt I got a thrift store and a shirt found on clearance that just happened to match perfectly. And SJ looks lovely in yellow, but I will let her tell you about that.

One thing I have noticed about wearing dresses is that I get a lot more compliments, or maybe they are just comments. I guess “Oh, you look so dressed up” can be meant a few different ways. I will take it as a compliment though. ­čÖé