Christy’s Day 10-11


Day 10 –  I was still trying to recover from my busy weekend, so I didn’t want to iron come Monday morning. I bought this shirt a few years ago from the VF Outlet. I think it was only $8. I liked it so much that I bought two more in a different print. Stay tuned for those. The skirt I picked up at one of the Goodwills in Waco. I love the Goodwill. It is actually a dark wash denim.

Day 11 -Again woke up sleepy and didn’t want to iron. I bought this skirt 6 years ago at Old Navy. It is so comfy, but I have to be careful on windy days. The shirt I picked up at the VF Outlet. It was cheap and I think even on clearance. I buy a lot of shirts at the VF Outlet.

My goal in the next few days is to experiment more with color combinations. However, I first must do laundry. Oh, and I plan on incorporating some of SJ’s additional challenges! But I may do that on the weekend before attempting work wear.


Christy’s Days 6-9 (Catch-up)

I didn’t want to post like this, but life happens.

Day 6 – I took a day off from work to hang out with my little guy. I just ran some errands and stayed at home.

Skirt – Thrifted; Shirt – Lee Outlet

Day 7 – I spent the early part of the day shopping in Waxahachie and the latter part at a silent auction with my daughter’s girl scout troup. I actually bought this dress while I was pregnant. It has worked as a maternity dress and a nursing dress.

Dress – Beall’s; Cami – Walmart

Day 8 – Mother’s Day, I bought this dress from Target the day before. I had a coupon, so I could not resist. I wasn’t going to buy anything new during the month of May. I just couldn’t pass up this dress.

Dress – Target

Day 9 – Back at work. I was tired from the day before, so I wanted something comfortable and didn’t require ironing. I bought the dress at Wal-Mart a few months ago. It was only $12!

Dress – Wal-Mart

Christy Day 5 (Pretty Easy Being Green)

It started out a little chilly again this morning, so I wore this dress with a jacket for the first half of the day. The dress is another impulse shopping purchase from Target. I am sorry, I am just a sucker for cute, cotton dresses. The jacket is a thrifted Chico jacket.

When I came home for lunch, I decided it was too warm for the jacket. Luckily the dress is still work appropriate even without the jacket. So here is an obligatory picture without the jacket.
This challenge is making me actually get excited about getting up in the morning. It is fun “shopping” in my own closet to see what works. And I am discovering accessories that I forgot owned. I found some bracelets (which I didn’t get a picture) that matches my necklace perfectly.

Christy Day 4

I wore this today, just so I could wear the shoes. 🙂

The sweater and the dress was a Mother’s Day present from a couple of years ago. I always feel super girly when I wear it. And I love my shoes (Payless).

Christy – Day 3

Ok I almost didn’t post this one on here. I feel like a frumpy old woman. I wore my black boots, but it was getting too warm. The skirt is a thrifted JCrew, and the sweater is thrifted too. I don’t remember where I bought the shirt (Beall’s maybe?)

I am really enjoying wearing dresses.

Christy’s Day 1 & 2!

Hi! I am Christy. Hope I did this right. 🙂 I am a busy working mom who does not have a lot time to fuss over a wardrobe. I need quick and easy, but most of all cheap! I am always up to a challenge and love wearing dresses. I love the way I feel when wearing a dress/skirt.

Day One: Skirt – Target; Top – Old Navy. The skirt was an  impulse buy that paid off! 🙂

Day Two: Skirt – Thrifted Old Navy; Shirt – Target; Sweater-Academy. I love thrifting. It is one of my most favorite things to do!!