Daily Dash

Today I had to dash betwixt work, church, transport & back to work.


I have two part-time jobs & a ministry that meets weekly.     Today led devotion on being compartmentalized.


A couple church ladies rushed over to see what I was wearing today! A simple Target dress purple & brown striped cotton.


Welcome back to Dress a Day in May!

SJ & Autumn DADIM 2011

Flowers are blooming, the days are warming up (a little to fast here in Texas) and it’s once again time to skip over the slacks and jeans in favor of flouncy dresses and fun, flirty skirts. Dress a Day in May (DADIM) is back for another round of fashion fun. Join in the challenge of wearing a dress or skirt every day in May. For more information on DADIM, check out our About section.

Dressy to the end –SJ Day 28-31

At the end of the month I attended a conference in Austin so I took dress-a-day on the road. It was actually easier to pack all dresses for the trip so I extended my dress wearing through June 1. Above are my daily shots from the trip.

Thanks for a fun ride through May everyone. See you next year?

The Bridesmaid Challenge! –SJ Day 26

Today I finally took on the bridesmaid/formal wear challenge. Here’s my before and after shot for this beautiful pink bridesmaid dress I wore in fellow dress-a-dayer Jennifer’s wedding back in 2008.

I paired the dress with the silk shell from Day 17’s dress and my favorite jacket.  I couldn’t leave out that lovely pop of pink from the dress’s sash, so I fashioned it into a belt with a cute bow in front.

I had a hard time with this challenge. The trick is to find a way to “dress down” a formal dress without covering it up completely.  I wanted to use something sheer that would show off the fantastic color of the dress without emphasizing the satiny fabric which gives it a more formal look. I had lot’s of ideas of how to wear it, but I’m happy with the end result. I came across inspiration for it via a Google search that gave me this image. Black, white and hot pink — you can’t beat this combination.

Looking forward to a girls night out tonight with a few dress-a-dayers. We’re going to the movie “Bridesmaids” in our fun formal wear!

My Seven Favorite (so far)

Jennifer: a week of dresses

Day 13: This day was jam packed with my sister’s college graduation, so I didn’t get a good picture of me in my dress on my camera. But never fear! I wore the same dress on Day 18 (first on the bottom row, down below). I got this dress new for my sister’s graduation, so I just had to wear it to work the next week too! I bought the dress and shoes at Target (you can’t really see, but I am sporting some bright yellow toe nails. Thought it’d be fun with the coral shoes!). I also had a coral necklace on at the graduation, but I couldn’t find it for Day 18. I’m really hoping its still in my husband’s car (I took it off during the long trip home from College Station). I am not a huge fan of this dress’ neckline, and I liked how the necklace covered it. Here’s a picture of it:

Day 14: I have to confess. I didn’t wear a dress today. We spent the entire day at Scarborough Fair, and I just couldn’t bear the thought of fighting the wind to keep my dress down all day. I suppose I could’ve dressed in medieval garb…maybe next time!

Okay, now for the rest of the week:

First row:

Day 15: I just got this dress from the new Calypso line at Target. I LOVE IT!! So flowy and summery. I just feel happy in this dress. (Dress: Target, Shoes: Target)

Day 16: I swear, everytime I wear this dress, I get so many compliments, and I have no idea why! Most of the time, no one says a word about what I’m wearing. Not bad for spur of the moment Target purchase just because it was on super-discount (it isn’t even the right size, but I got it anyway because it was cheap!) (Dress: Target, Shoes: JCPenney)

Day 17: Fun summery dress. It is my go-to dress because it is super-comfortable. (Dress: Loft, Shoes: JCPenney)

Bottom row:

Day 18: Same graduation dress as Day 13. (Dress: Target, Shoes: Target)

Day 19: This is a dress that I have only recently begun to appreciate. I wore it to my brother-in-law’s wedding rehearsal years ago (without the cardigan), and it sat in my closet for years because for whatever reason I felt like it was more party than work. But now that its made its reappearance, I actually think its quite nice for work! (Dress: BCBG outlet, Cardigan: American Eagle, Shoes: JCPenney)

Day 20: I haven’t worn this dress in FOREVER! But since I am trying to give you guys some variety, I thought I’d bring it out of hiding. I always worry if its too casual for work, since it is made out of some sort of a lounge-wear material. But I figured, hey its Friday! Why is it that we all feel that Friday’s mean you don’t have to dress up as much? (Dress: Gap, Shoes: JCPenney)