Emily – Day 22

Emily - Day 22

Funny story about this outfit… For my show today we did a segment about re-wearing bridesmaid dresses. I thought about all of you ladies! Has anyone done that so far this month? Anyway, we were supposed to do the segment yesterday, but it got delayed at the very last minute because of the weather. I was wearing this outfit yesterday, because it is an old bridesmaid dress! I scrambled with a co-worker and found an outfit of old leftover clothes in our office, so that I could save this outfit for today. Kicking myself that I forgot to take a picture of my last-minute hodgepodge outfit yesterday. That is my long story about today’s outfit!

Dress – JCrew Bridesmaid
Boots – Dillards (adopted from my sister)
Cardigan – Target


Emily – Day 20

Emily - Day 20

Remembered to take a picture!

New peplum top from XXI (not sure I am on board with this trend, but maybe I am not far enough removed from maternity clothes)
Red skirt part of an old skirt suit
Black target flats

Emily – Catch-Up (Days 9 – 17)

Emily - Catch-Up (Days 9 - 17)

I am still wearing a dress everyday! The hardest parts of this are turning out to be taking a picture and posting it online!

In the last 9 days I got 5 pictures. Here’s a quick wrap-up –

Upper left – Target top (cuter in person than in this pic), Dillards skirt (part of a skirt suit I don’t wear anymore) earrings were a gift

Bottom left – Same skirt, Target top, Kenneth Cole wedges (these were not two days in a row!!)

Top right – Dillards dress, Charming Charlies earrings, Kenneth Kole wedges

Bottom right – Dillards dress, Loft flats

Center – (today!!) Loft dress, Ann Taylor cardigan, BCBG outlet shoes

Here’s to taking more pictures!

Wild Horses & Sunshine – Nat Days 9 & 10

Dress: ? thrifted. Tank top: I honestly can't remember. Necklace: Christmas gift from sister-in-law

Dress: Great Plains London, thrifted. Tank top: the brand name has worn off the tag, and I honestly can’t remember where I purchased it. Belt: thrifted. Necklace: Christmas gift from sister-in-law. Shoes (below): Predictions, thrifted. Cardigan (not pictured, same color as shoes): Old Navy from years ago.

Nat day 9 iI’m not sure I’ve gotten more compliments on a dress than when I wear this one. I didn’t pay a dime for it, and it’s actually too big for me. But a tank top underneath and a belt at the waist seem to do the trick! My favorite part (outside of it having pockets!)? Those aren’t polka dots, folks. That’s right, wild horses are running all over my dress.

Nat Day 9 iiAnd my dear friend! Kacy and I went to college together and I love how after each of us hasĀ resided in random parts of the world, we once again live in the same city. Thankful for you and your heart, friend! Thanks for taking this picture with me, even though your Texas blood says it’s been too chilly for skirts/dresses. (smile)

Whassup Friday! Trying to spice up the poses here, people. Did I mention it’s been in the 80s the past couple of days? Joy!

Nat day 10

Dress: Gap, thrifted. Shoes (not pictured): Michelle D. sandals, Dillards years ago. Necklace charms: James Avery high school graduation gifts (no joke).

Knittedness – Nat Days 6-8

Apparently the beginnings of my weeks are rather full, leaving little time to post DADIM pics. Have no fear, I have been faithful! With a knitted skirt theme, even.

Nat day 6

Shirt: H&M, few years ago. Skirt: New York & Company, thrifted. Boots: Chaps (from Day 3). Earrings: wooden, from a market in Krakow, Poland.

Monday (Day 6) I got to take a pic with a fellow DADIM-er, the only one I actually know of in my area! So glad you’re joining us this year, Megan! And I’m so thankful for your friendship.

Shirt (red): super cheap at a mall store in Prague, CZ. Skirt: Mixit, hand-me-down from a friend's sister. Shoes: Toms (again!).

Shirt (red): super cheap at a mall store in Prague, CZ. Shirt (black): The Limited, thrifted. Skirt: Mixit, hand-me-down from a friend’s sister. Leggings: I honestly don’t remember. Shoes: Toms (again!).

What happens when you take your DADIM pic w/ small group peeps in your kitchen. :)

What happens when you take your DADIM pic w/ small group peeps in your kitchen.

Tuesday (Day 7) the knitted skirt series continued. My first showing of leggings this month, and I honestly ended snipping the waistline by the end of the day because it had annoyed me so much. Yup, still need to search for the perfect pair of leggings.

Thankful to my small group ladies who helped me take the pic and even joined me for one–love these women!

Jacket: Gap, hand-me-down. Shirt: H&M. Skirt: Old Navy, hand-me-down. Boots: Chaps again!

Jacket: Gap, hand-me-down. Shirt: H&M. Skirt: Old Navy, hand-me-down. Boots: Chaps again!

And today (Day 8)! Yes, I cropped off my head in the pic. Let’s just say I was making a bit of a ridiculous face that I wanted to spare everyone… My weather widget is promising highs in the 80s tomorrow, so I hope to be able to put away the knitted skirts and boots…at least for a few days!

Emily – Day 8

Emily - Day 8

I didn’t get to take a picture yesterday, but I did wear a dress!

This is today –
Dress – Dillards (love their sales)
Shoes – Target (probably not the best choice with this dress, but I hate wearing heels)
Earrings – pearls, gift from china