Dressy retreat in Texas Hill Country- SJ Day 12-13

I went on a retreat with my mission trip team this weekend in the middle of nowhere Texas. It was absolutely beautiful and absolutely devoid of cell coverage. There was lots of running around and team building exersizes, so I opted for a skirt with shorts underneath for Friday. Of course, an essential accesory for any active mom is a baby sling or carrier. I took both, but my Maya Wrap baby sling got the most use as seen in the photo below. Evie loves it! She gets rocked to sleep in it almost instantly.

Day 12
Black tank and skirt from Gap. Black chacos. Maya Wrap. I wore a jean jacket in the morning when it was cooler, but by this time it had warmed up a lot and we were running around.

Day 13 I celebrated my first Mother’s Day! Here I am with my sweet daughter Evelyn Marie Menefee (2 months old today!) Sadly the sun came out right as I was taking this photo and her face is all scrunched up from the bright light.

Mother's Day

Day 13 Happy Mother’s Day to me!
Dress-Old Navy,  Shoes- Chaco flips, Evie’s Outfit- The Children’s Place


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