Dress a day challenge: COMPLETE!

Its been a fun month of dresses, girls! And I really don’t plan on stopping now. I did fall off the bandwagon a few times (as you will see in this post). My biggest challenge was doing active stuff on the weekends. Sometimes I caved and wore shorts instead. But for work, dresses definitely are the best! Comfortable, and cooler than pants as we are approaching the sweltering Texas summer.

So here is my final installment:

Day 21: We moved my sister into her new apartment today. Sad to report, this was one of my days where I opted for shorts instead of a dress.

Day 22 and 23 (first image above): I just bought this sweet yellow dress from Old Navy. Super comfortable and summery! I wore it to church on Day 22 and work on Day 23. Don’t even act like you don’t do the same thing! [Dress: Old Navy, Shoes: Target]

Day 24: Dress: Target, Cardigan: Target, Shoes: Nine West

Day 25: Dress: Target, Cardigan: Gap, Shoes: JCPenney

Day 26: Skirt: Gap, Shirt: Gap, Shoes: Target

Day 27: Dress: Loft, Cami: Old Navy, Cardigan: Target, Shoes: Walmart

Day 28: Dress: Old Navy, Shoes: JCPenney (I added the belt to give the babydoll-style dress a little more form)

Day 29: Dress: American Eagle, Shoes: Nine West

Day 30: Fell off the bandwagon again and didn’t wear a dress! At least I fess up to it!

Day 31: Dress: Target, Shoes: Target (and a little “TA-DAAH” pose because we are done baby!)


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  1. i LOVE all your dresses! Way to go, even though I don’t know you! Will you take me shopping next time I’m in the states?? 🙂

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