Dress a Day in May – Day #14

Day #14 (Thursday, May 19th)-Since I am only doing the “Dress a Day in May” during the week, I will try to keep my days numbered.

The simple black, button front dress I wore today is a dress I got in a trade with my buddy, Kacey. (Over the years as we have changed sizes, after having our kids and just living life, so we like to swap out clothes.) It’s aways nice to get new items, especially since we have the same style.

My awesome red shoes are Jessica Simpson knock-offs. I got them from Shoes-4-less for $10. (Too bad they closed a few months ago.)

My bracelet is a great find from a little boutique in Dallas. It was only $10, and is handmade.

My necklace was my husband’s grandmothers. My mother-in-law gave me a box of her jewelry a few years ago. I never met his grandmother, but I have heard she was magnificent. I am honored to get to own a few pieces of her jewelry.