Jessica’s Day 18

Early this morning, the local news did a spot on our fun little May challenge which was super exciting for me to see (at a more reasonable hour of course). Since I knew there was going to be media buzz (I might be exaggerating the press coverage a tad here), I took the opportunity to pull out a new dress I got on sale this weekend. The bright purple color is beautiful on its own but I wanted to add more spring touches, so I wore teal peep-toe wedges and a pink cardigan.

To keep the spring accent going throughout the day even when the temperature warmed up, I wore a floral broach as well. That way, whether hot or cold, I would have a touch of pink to go along with the purple dress.

I think the pink touches and the teal shoes made the outfit more lively and fun. Due to the cut of the dress, I had to wear a black tank under neath it, and black shoes and black jacket could make this a more downplayed look. But since we are famous local celebrities (again, possible exaggeration), I like the more eye-catching result of the bright color combination.


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