Christy’s Days 13-18

WOW!! Life has been crazy busy the last few days. So I have to post Day 13-18 together.

Day 13

Already wore this skirt once during this challenge. It is thrifted. The shirt is from Old Navy (this season).

Day 14

I had to work graduation this morning, so I wanted to dress up. This dress was my Easter dress from two years ago. It also has a matching cardigan, but I didn’t get a picture of me wearing it. I think I bought it at Sears.

Day 15

This is this year’s Easter dress. The dress is Old Navy, and the cardigan is Target. I am beginning to see a trend here. I only shop at three places – Old Navy, Target, and the thrift stores.

 Day 16

Another dress from Target (last year). And look SJ – it has pockets!

 Day 17

The skirt was part of an Easter outfit from about 5 years ago. And it still fits!! The shirt is a recent purchase from Wal-Mart. And the shrug is from Ross. I actually already wore the shrug during the challenge.

Day 18

This is my college graduation dress from 2008. I bought it at Beall’s. There is a story behind this dress. Two months before graduation, I signed up for the Wardrobe Refashion challenge. The challenge is you pledge for a set amount of months to not buy anything new. You can buy second-hand, and you can make something new. I decided to make my graduation dress. I picked out the pattern and already had the fabric. I thought I can do this. I only have finals and work. I can do it – WRONG!! Epic fail. I had everything in the book go wrong with this dress. So three days before graduation, I had to run out and buy a dress (because I had to have something new).


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