MB’s Days 11, 12, 13 and 14

SO sorry I have been late posting guys! Life has been busy and I have been tired, bad combination.

Day 11–>

Skirt: LOFT, thrifted Shirt: Fossil, thrifted Cardi: Target Shoes: TOMS

Day 12–>

On this day I had my new intern Kate take my picture with the Collections Mascot, Colonel Sassafrass Roop, who is modeled after our favorite dude Brad. I’m the best boss ever.
Dress: unknown, thrifted Jacket: American Eagle Cardi: Target Shoes: Minnetonka

Day –>

Uggggggghhhhh…this was Robin’s (on my left) last day with us at the DPM. So sad!!! We will miss her so much!
Dress: Target Cardi: Target Shoes: TOMS

Day –>

Dress: LOFT Cardi: Banana Republic Shoes: Rainbows
Honesty: I had a fancy graduation to go to this morning, so I ended up wearing a fancy work outfit with pants. Sorry! I wore this awesome denim maxi dress to dinner, but I am totes in my PJs now.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!


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