Jessica’s Week

I had to find a balance between fun and business attire this week because it was an important week. Normally, I think of business dresses as just black dress suits a la Hillary Clinton. I didn’t have any of those, otherwise I probably would have worn them, so I had to find what worked from my closet. For Day 11, I took the¬†burgundy dress I had already worn and added a blazer.

Day 11

For Day 12, I opted for a new skirt and a solid color top. The long sleeves are pretty much necessary since I get cold and our building is usually pretty chilly.

Day 12

For Friday the 13th (ominous music plays), I had to visit another office which was even more dressy than mine. I did another skirt/long sleeve combo in black and teal. I am starting to notice I have a lot of teal.

Day 13

Finally, the week was over and I was at complete liberty to just be comfy and hang out in a pretty dress. The weather was so nice; I knew I would end up outside. I grabbed a pretty, purple dress (it actually used to be white, but I dyed it before wearing it) . It was still a little cool, especially with the wind, so I borrowed a shirt from Mom to act as a jacket. It was a very comfy outfit.

I'm free from business attire! Day 14


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  1. Yay! The jumping shot has caught on! I LOVE that purple dress. I seriously have to find a white dress to dye. Too fun!

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