Jessica’s Day 10

Work started back with a vengeance this week for me. I had to be up early, work all day, and prep 150 new students for a semester with me. On top of all of that, I wanted to look pulled together and professional, which is no easy feat for me in the mornings. I had a few dresses that were not alteration candidates that I decided to wear for this hectic first week. This one I grabbed on clearance at Khols even before I knew we would be doing this challenge. The top is a dark teal color (I LOVE teal) and the bottom is black. There are little rosettes along the neckline. I paired it with some closed toe, felt, black shoes.

I have some teal and black flats that will go great with this as well and for a more casual occasion I might go for the full matchy-matchy look. Maybe that will happen in the next 20 days or so . . . stay tuned.


One thought on “Jessica’s Day 10

  1. Again, I really love this look on you. It’s super flattering and would be great for a date too! Ahem, Scott, take this sexy lady out!

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