MB’s Day 4

Update: sorry for the giant pics. I’m posting from my iPad and am having editing issues…

Confession: I didn’t put this outfit on until dinner time. This problem goes hand in hand with the fact that I didn’t take a shower until dinner, soooooo yeah. Yuck. BUT I got a ton of work done today, so not a bad day. I’m loving seeing everyone’s posts! Such cute dresses. I feel inspired since the outfits I’ve worn have all pretty much been things I wear all the time anyway, so I am excited to mix it up now that the weather is back to normal. Another confession: I will be wearing grungies all day tomorrow since it will be a day of manual labor and hauling crap back to Waco. Hopefully I’ll get to wear a dress when I get home, but I am afraid it might be a whole day of yucky pants:(



Dress: GAP Jacket: American Eagle Ballet flats: Land’s End


One thought on “MB’s Day 4

  1. Looking good! What shoes did you wear with it? Sorry you have to be in yucky pants today. I’ve wondered what type of dress I’d wear if I have a outside work day or something.

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